The thread lift is a micro surgical procedure to lift areas on the face that are sagging it involves the insertion of serrated suture threads beneath the surface of the skin by a procedure best described as tunneling; the thread is then anchored on one end and pulled up along the fatty layer just under the skins surface, to just above the hairline.

This is then fixed to what is known as the lax tissue, where scar tissue proceeds to surround and anchor these threads in place.
This procedure and the resultant effect is what give the lifting action on the skin.

The benefits of a thread lift are:
Minimal scarring
Minimal bruising
Can be performed under local anesthetic
Lifting of sagging skin and tissue

The risks of a thread lift are:
The lifts results can be short lived
The threads may be visible under the skin
The threads may pucker under the skin
A thread may come loose and result in a lopsided face (such as that of bell’s palsy)
Many people experience headaches after the procedure
Thread removal is difficult and costly 

The thread lift received loads of publicity with the following celebrities having endorsed it …
“On her talk show Oprah Winfrey promoted the new barbed-suture face-lift as a “one-hour lunch-break lift” and a “cutting-edge procedure with no cutting edges.” On “Today” Matt Lauer described it as a “new alternative to a face-lift.” And “Good Morning America” called it “one of the hottest new beauty fixes.” – Natasha Singer, 2005

After much research and reading, the conclusion that I came to was …
There is too much uncertainty for me personally to want to have this procedure when the time comes.
Having come across shocking comments such as only ‘20% of procedures are successful’ and ‘60% of plastic surgeons have experienced complications’ I think I will give this one a miss for now.

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