Okay so last year the hair trend was fun and funky colors, the new trendy colors adorned all the well known and beautiful tresses of Hollywood.

This new concept in hair dye called the 'dip dye', was done in a myriad of colors and the most popular seemed to be the blue , pink and purple options.

Here are a few celebrities that hopped on the Trend Bandwagon last year and tried out the Dip Dyed Hair look.
Jessica Simpson
Christina Aguilerra

Nicki Minaj
Celebrities didn't waste a moment to show off their fabulously dip dyed tresses, and whilst some were tastefully done, others ... well not so much!

So where does this leave us for the year 2013?

Well the original dip dyed looks as seen above are slowly phasing out, however this look has been replaced by the more natural looking style called the ' Dip Dye Ombre'.

Featuring the natural hair tones such as Auburn and Chocolate at the top of the head, and a washed out more honeyed look towards the hair tips.

Here are some of the celebs rocking the latest dip dyed look ...

So ladies there is no need to ditch the dip dye just yet , rather do a quick update and if need be get your hairdresser up to speed on the latest trend in Hollywood.

Here are some fun posts on D-I-Y Dip Dye...
... for me I'd rather use a professional