Botox is well known word on most people’s lips and nearly everyone on the street would be able to tell you what it is used for. So great was the initial launch of this product into the marketplace it is still on everyone's lips. 

Having caused a huge furor when first released this neurotoxin is now fast becoming a pioneer in the world of Aesthetics, Anti-aging and/or corrective treatments. No longer is this product being used purely to slow down the sign of aging, but rather to aid and assist those suffering with chronic conditions and facial disfigurations.

So what exactly are the new uses for Botox that have been pursued, and consequently put into practice?

·         For reshaping of the nose – Botox is used to reshape the tip of the nose by preventing drooping
·         To correct smiles that reveal too much of the gum area – Botox is used to relax the upper lip area
·         For banding around the neckline -  Used to relax and smooth the muscles in this area
·         For excessive perspiration in the palms and underarm areas (also known as Hyperhidrosis)
·         To reduce and assist in the treatment of Migraines
·         To reshape and re-contour the jaw line into the greatly desired V-Shape
   (info as supplied by Botox Manufacturer Allergan)

It is interesting to read in the medical journals of medical research companies trying to formulate topical forms of a Botox, or neurotoxin type product for those patients that have a fear of needles. This may sound appealing but it’s realization is doubtful, a revered Anti-aging Physician is quoted as saying …

“As a physician, you want to be on the cutting edge,
but you don’t want to be on the bleeding edge. So many of these new technologies
don’t pan out. I believe topical products will be pretty ineffective, although there is
probably a big market for trans-dermal delivery systems for products like neurotoxin
infused deodorant, which could help control heavy sweating.” Dr Niamtu

To me it is rather fascinating to see the endless uses that are being developed with Botox alone, whilst I can empathize with those that suffer with chronic conditions such as Hyperhidrosis; it is truly mind blowing to see how ‘alive and well’ the vanity of the human race remains… despite the world’s compromised economy.

My advice, choose a reputable Institution and practitioner. Ensure that you are given a professional treatment, with up to date technology, correct training and superior products. Should you compromise on any of these and the evidence may well be visible for all to see.

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