Posted August 13, 2013 by in Skin and Body Care

Chia seed oil lists one of the highest recorded percentage anti-aging essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties to its unique treasury of sought after benefits. This precious little seed and it’s oil are the latest in a series of super food oils.

The Chia seed and its oil are one part of an ever increasing list of miracle oils from nature. Originating from Mexico and used widely in the past by the Aztec Indians.

Chia is part of the mint family also known as ‘Salvia Hispanica’ which is widely grown in Mexico almost the same as that of maize. Traditional used as a high energy and high fiber source of nutrition.
Having an extremely high Omega 3 content (up to 63%) this seed oil has gained popularity in the skin care industry recently, with increased popularity after the results released in a study run by a Korean research company. These results give evidence claiming a reduction in dehydration of the skin, as well as a decrease in itchy skin (pruritis).

Chia seed oil proves to be a skin care ingredient to be reckoned with. It is great to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; it helps to maintain the ecology of the skin by balancing the pH of the skin and by sustaining the acid mantle (protective barrier of the skin).
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