On a recent visit to The Wellness Warehouse I came across a range of health products I had never seen before called The Real Thing. It’s vibrant and trendy packaging and holistic range of supplements intrigued me right away.

The Real Thing are an Organic supplement company and seem to source their supplement from the best physical resources irrespective of location , yet totally focused on efficacy , purity and quality. To learn more about their array of products visit http://www.therealthing.co.za


This product’s ingredients are mainly sourced from New Zealand, they include the following:

-          100% Organic Wheat or Barley Grass

-          100% Organic Alfalfa Grasses

-          7 Sea Vegetables

-          Chlorella

-          Spirulina

And yes, they are all green as the name suggests!

These ingredients are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, digestion enhancing fibre, hormone balancing nutrients and are 33 times more concentrated than the plants themselves.

I have honestly never felt so good and I plan to continue to supplement my lifestyle which can be rather hectic at times. I would like to try the Ecklonia Cava Extract next as well as the Green Power ( I suffer from Arthritis in my joints from doing 18years of massage). So stay tuned…

Retails at approx. R140.00 ( for the powder , it does also come in tablet form)

** This is not a sponsored product