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Nimue Super Hydrating Mask

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I am passionate about the Nimue brand and can quite honestly say there is not a product of theirs that I have used that I have not enjoyed. That takes some doing considering I worked in Salon and Spa’s with this product for some time.

Today I am reviewing the Super Hydrating Mask and rather appropriately as we are in the throes of winter. The product is packaged as you would expect from Nimue in their fabulous white packaging and accentuated with the shiny chrome looking cap.

The texture of the product is a semi-translucent off white colour with a creamy but rather sticky feel. The mask smoothes on beautifully and feels like a satin second skin. Although this is a mask, it is not a highly visible mask. It heats with your natural body temperature and glistens on the skin without being a solid opaque application making it great for those nights when you are not sure if someone might drop by unexpectedly and catch you red handed in your face mask.

The Super Hydrating Mask has a fresh fragrance which really soothes and comforts the skin. I noticed after using this product that my fine lines seemed less, my skin had a radiant glow and the overall texture of my skin felt considerably smoother.

Nimue are a South African brand which is easy to forget when you experience the quality and effectiveness of their products.  The Super Hydrating mask contains ingredients suchREAD MORE

** This product was generously sponsored by Nimue Skin Care