On a recent visit to Dis-chem I was looking for a make-up item from Catrice cosmetics...which I never did find sadly, however I did come across L.A.Girl's Gel Liner Pot which included a cute application brush...

Well of course I just couldn't resist. L.A. Girls are one of my favourite nail brands and their Diamond Shine Top Coat is a must for anyone who enjoys a high gloss finish or the 'gel' look.

Back to the Gel Liner , this is my first dalliance into GEL LINER and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.The colour I chose was Dark Brown, and upon putting my eyeliner brush into the pot it was a creamy type texture ( be careful these pots are small for a reason , only a small amount is required) and very tentatively I covered the tip of my brush on both sides as instructed. I then wiped off the excess on the side of the pot and proceeded to stretch my eyelid just about my top lashes working from the outside in.

The gel liner applied easily and was lighter than it looked in the pot and as soon as it touched my skin the product glided on like a gel. I left this to dry for a few minutes before applying my mascara and I must stay it lasted until about 5pm that evening, ( no mean feat in my case) I am very hard on make-up , prone to hot flushes and I have oily eye lids.

Overall it was a great product to try and I definitely need to improve my application skills.

**This product was purchased at Dischem (Bayside Mall , Cape Town)