I am not someone who generally struggles to sleep , I usually collapse into an unconscious heap within a few minutes because of the busy life I lead. 

This does not mean that I always sleep peacefully! Often I wake up rather stiff , with sore muscles because of dreaming, and rolling around in my sleep. When I recently received this lovely spray from Miemie at Blendbox I first thought " hmmm how am I gonna review this?"

Well, little did I know what a breath of fresh air this product would prove to be. I have been burning the candle at both ends with all my commitments and really just needed to unwind a little and also to have some restful sleep.

I took my bottle of CALM Pillow/Room Spray to bed with me one night and whilst getting ready to go to bed I spritzed my bed and pillows ( my cats were not very impressed... tee hee). The room was filled with a soft fresh fragrance that enveloped me.....sigh. 

 I love aromatherapy and all the benefits of natural plant essential oils and this blend with its hints of Neroli, is calming and soothing and I soon fell into a very peaceful sleep.

I have since used it every evening before going to bed just to freshen and fragrance the stagnant air in my room ( I struggle in winter, me being a fresh air freak...closed windows and all).

I really am enjoying the CALM Pillow/Room Spray and I would definitely buy it again, I would even recommended it for insomnia and agitated babies...what a fabulous find.