I recently had the privilege to attend a launch, a collaboration of both charity and corporate networking/ sponsorship. The partners involved were M.E.S - changing the heart of our city , NIMUE Skin Care , Oasis Water and Green Tunnel Vision.

(31 July 2013)

 The Green Tunnel Vision's aim is, to eradicate famine where possible. This Non-Profit Company aspires to feed Africa ... not by hand outs but by educating and empowering local communities, and in so doing providing the skills needed to feed and generate an income for these micro communities enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Nimue Skin South Africa's GM , Connie Pieterse heard about the Green Tunnel Vision Project, and made the connection between the tunnels that 'protect' the vegetables being akin to Nimue's SPF40 which protects the skin. Connie was so moved by this NPO that she established a collaboration with it's visionary Daniel Aucamp and even involved Oasis water who assisted with the funds for a second tunnel in this project.

Hosting the tunnels are MES Cape Town a national organization that provides vital services to the homeless of vulnerable communities in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and it is through their united vision that the two tunnels were set up at the MES organization premises.

'It was an honor to attend this event and hear from the people involved all about the passion behind these tunnels , being able to walk through this vegetable garden and inside the two tunnels, knowing that these would provide a source of food and an income for this community for many years.'

Nimue and Oasis both donate a portion of the proceeds from their SPF40 and Water/Juices respectively on an ongoing basis. So when you get the opportunity please support them and sew back into the community.

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