Weekends come and go so very fast and more often than not they are so jam packed that I don't really touch ground ... but hey who's complaining right?

This weekend was no exception and started off with much running around for me. I planned a surprise birthday for my mom which took much hiding in the shadows and dodging questions....last time she cottoned on and it was no surprise at all.

So it was off to the shops to get the flowers , to the restaurant at STARKE AYRES SUNNINGDALE with the place mats , serviettes and flowers and then a casual stroll into my parents home. My mom had fooled herself you see, she assumed we were going for a treatment and well I just never corrected her ... he he he.
We set off and after much flapping and confusion from her, we walked into the restaurant which I told her I had booked for breakfast(all true) where she looked straight at all her friends and family and did not recognise them ( still looking for a 2 seater table for us)... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
We had a fabulous time , mom was spoilt rotten and loved the attention ... yay!

After Mom's celebration we were off my cousins little boys 4th Birthday. Now I have to be honest when you don't have kids, it can be a challenge to have so much noise ,chaos and kids ... but I love kids and seeing the joy on their faces is such fun. Chris( birthday boy) loves the Superhero Iron Man and when Iron Man made a guest appearance well this little kids day was made. See above the two Iron Men :)

This weekend also marked the end of a friend's visit to South Africa, and goodbyes are always sad , but this I have decided is not a goodbye... but rather till we meet again. So last night we celebrated the fabulous personal victories made by Phillip and we covered his journey and future in prayer. I felt moved to paint a white dove for him (which you see above).

So it was a busy weekend filled with much laughter and celebration , a hint of sadness and plenty of excitement.