Weekends come and go so very fast and having a long weekend is always a great celebration but oh so very busy...

Here is my weekend in pictures...
My weekend started off with a fab trip with my mom to the Wellness Warehouse , followed by brunch at one of my favourite coffee shops along Kloof called KNEAD. After a fabulous cuppa coffee and Brioche (french toast) mom and I spent the rest of the day mooching around and visiting family.

Saturday was my all time favourite.. Soup Kitchen in Du Noon , I just love the kids in Site 5 and when we miss a week( we only have soup kitchen every 2nd week) such as last soup kitchen (due to the unrest) my heart yearns for those little faces , tummy giggles and laughter. It was such a privilege that we could hand out shoes , clothing and blankets for adults and kids this week.

A huge thank you to SALT and Life Changers Church (Table View).

I also received a fabulous gift from Miemie at Blendbox (@BlendboxSA) , I have been using the HATCHLING Body Butter on my hands as I really struggle with dry hands in winter.

Yesterday I took a 'me day' and other than my usual morning Church , I disappeared behind closed doors and had some time-out including the most awesome afternoon nap... an indulgence I seldom get. For lunch I made a chunky Tuscan Bean Soup with Ritzi's Jalfrezi Curry Paste to spice it up ....yummmmyy! ( here is my recipe.. http://womanonline.co.za/Recipes-detail/tuscan-lamb-and-bean-soup )

I sure hope you all enjoyed your Women's Day and long weekend.