Posted July 30, 2013 by in Skin and Body Care

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, micro needling  is the ideal facial treatment as it is non invasive and non-ablative but works deep enough to affect and stimulate change in the living layer of the skin.

 It is a known fact that as we reach our mid twenties our Collagen and Elastin starts diminishing and the fine lines and lack of skin tone starts creeping in.

 So just how does Micro Needling work?

The tool used for Micro Needling looks like a miniature rolling pin full of tiny spikes (needles). This instrument is rolled in fluid motions to and fro over the skin puncturing as deep as the Dermis. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production, your body registers these tiny little punctures as a wound and in turn kick starts the healing process by the fibroblasts (produce the collagen and elastin) thus injecting fresh collagen and elastin in the skin repairing and restructuring the skin.

 Micro Needling on its own, as a facial treatment, will give great results, however this can be enhanced and improved remarkably by the use of trans-dermal products that penetrate into the deeper layers of skin by using these tiny channels created by the needles.

 There are Micro Needling kits for home use and then there are Micro Needling facial treatments offered by Medical Aesthetic Practitioners.  The main point of difference being, the regulated needle length.  Home care kits are limited to needles that are 0.5mm as opposed to the medical needles which penetrate much deeper. Medical Micro Needling gives quicker results in a shorter space of time thanks to the deeper more penetrating treatment.

 Who should consider Micro Needling?