Balm Balm Organic Skin Care has recently arrived in South Africa and we are all blessed because of it. Balm Balm has achieved great success in the UK its country of origin, why you may ask?

Well it’s simple really; this product is as ‘Green’ and ‘Eco Friendly’ as they come. Boasting of a product that is 100% natural, Organic and Soil Association certified, making use of recycled packaging and card that is sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring that this brand is leaving a neutral carbon footprint on all fronts.

Balm Balm has a small range of versatile products in the form of balms and today I am reviewing the Balm Balm fragrance free Lip Balm.

The lip balms come packaged in either a tube or a cute little pot, and both are handy sizes for in the handbag. The texture is that of a solid however as soon as this product meets the skin it turns to an oily textured liquid that is fluid and easy to spread. Being versatile this product is not limited to only the lips but can be used on any small area experiencing dryness, inflammation or allergies.

The ingredients are a plethora of fabulous nourishing seed, plant and nut oils to hydrate, nourish, calm and soothe.  Including ingredients such as Sunflower seed Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Beeswax.

What I enjoyed about the product..

-          - Convenient size

-          - Fragrance free making  it great for men and women

-          - The fabulous smooth texture on my lips

-          - Great as a cuticle cream

-          - The Ethics of the brand which lie close to my heart

-          - The option of a small pot or a tube
- It’s multipurpose uses 

Would I buy this product in the future? Definitely.