Today I have a guest post by..

Francesca Canzano-Franklin, Owner of Philosophia Botanica & Founder of Shen Mantra

This ancient treatment tool has come a long way!

Herbs are not only an essential part of Thai Medicine but also an everyday part of Thai life and are used in traditional Thai healing for their energising, balancing and detoxing effects on the body. The herbal compress treatment, also known as ‘Luk Pra-Kob’, is a historical treatment from eastern Asia, and can be described as a special massage technique with thermo-physical components.

Ground fresh and dried herbs are wrapped into an incredibly soothing, cotton compress, and then steamed.  Our unique combination of compresses uses up to 20 different therapeutic Thai herbs and spices such as plai, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and cumin.  When the compress is steamed and applied to the skin with a specific massage technique, the essential oils from the herbs are transferred to the recipient’s skin; the herbs have both medicinal and aesthetic uses.
Using patting and pounding techniques, the treatment exfoliates, moisturises, relaxes and breaks down muscle tensions whilst providing a blissfully warm but deep and relaxing treatment. The warm compresses are applied to the body’s key muscles in a uniquely tailored massage, focusing on any areas of concern.

This combination of heat, herbs, our Tangerine & Lemongrass Toning Oil and massage, help to reduce muscular tension, increases blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, detoxes and ease a restless mind.

Herbs act in almost magical and astonishing ways...the list is endless!

Philosophia Botanica Herbal Compress Treatment gives a modern twist on a traditional heat treatment that soothes and removes muscle tension. Our Spa Signature treatment has been uniquely designed to improve muscle tone and impart a feeling of total relaxation by soothing away accumulated tension and stress.
The powerful technique and smells send the receiver into a deeply relaxed ‘dream like’ state. The results cannot be compared to any existing treatments.

We make old healing methods usable for modern treatments. Our treatments are not only meant to support the well-being, but they also have an additional background which is therapeutically effective.
We are also concerned about the Earth care! Thus, all of our products are neither containing animal ingredients nor tested on animals.


Francesca Canzano-Franklin, Owner of Philosophia Botanica & Founder of Shen Mantra, has over a decade experience in the Spa & Wellness Industry, having worked for and with a wide variety of Spas in the UK and Thailand.
Francesca brings together authentic ancient healing traditions with contemporary therapies, guided by the fundamental pillars in Traditional Chinese & Thai Medicine.  
She has been a long time pioneer in the research, practice and training of Oriental Therapies and together with her team, she has brought to South Africa this age old tool and Thai traditional treatment.
She launched Philosophia Botanica – Natural Beauty Skin Care, with the vision to lead innovation in holistic skin wellness, achieved through an authentic, natural and treatment focused skincare, inspired by the fusion of naturopathic principles and botanical science.

Currently living between London and Cape Town, Francesca and Cape Town based Senior Trainer Angela McCarthy, are available for Spa & Therapists Training, bespoke treatments and consultancy