Always on the pursuit of a flawless complexion with minimum effort this is my latest find.... 
I have a very fair complexion and with that comes the typical Scottish/English ancestry and the 'flushed cheeks' or high colour as it is more accurately known. Add to this that I am nearing 40yrs and well it does take a little more work to look presentable.

I recently got the opportunity to test and review the JUICE BEAUTY - Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream , CC Cream stands for 'Color Correcting' with it's unique 12-in-1 Action.

A unique selling point that stands this product apart from others is....

I am not sure if many of you are familiar with JUICE BEAUTY available in SA via either Wellness Warehouse or online via Nature's Colours, but I am and I still lust after their skin peels.

JUICE BEAUTY'S products are 100% natural and organic with a winning patent pending formula. This brand was started by Karen Benkhe who was looking for a safe skin care solution based on her knowledge, 'up to 64% of what you place on the skins surface can be absorbed'....needless to say Karen could not find what she was looking for. Thus Karen developed her own brand using a unique formula of fruit 'juices'which are super concentrated, and have had proven success and results on a multitude of skin conditions.

Karen has been quoted as saying...." Juice Beauty created an antioxidant rich organic juice base, which means that every drop feeds your skin with powerful antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more!"

Some of the greatest fans being MADONNA , KATE HUDSON and MARCIA CROSS.


Having lusted after Juice Beauty products for sometime I was over the moon when I got to test this CC Cream. 
(I was however not without some apprehension as the last time I tested a local BB Cream I had a disastrous breakout and rash....eeeek!)

- The CC Cream has a rather unique looking applicator end to the tube and I found on squeezing the tube that the product was a rather thick textured balm but is not greasy.

- This product comes in two shades Natural Glow(very fair) and Warm Glow (medium fair), I opted for the Natural Glow as I am very fair skinned and it is currently winter in Cape Town.

- The coverage is very light , great for around the house or after a gym session, not for those who are looking for full coverage. However because of all the added benefits of this product, you could easily use it as a primer and apply your regular foundation on top of it.

- My skin loved this product, and when I was ill with the flu it gave my skin a real 'pick me up' , it has definitely minimized my fine lines and given my skin a radiant glow.

- The product has a unique and herbal fragrance which dissipates after a few minutes.... I loved this product and I will definitely buy it again....but first I want to try the Skin Peel ...oh the choices!

Retails for  R550.00
50ml Tube 

Available at :
Wellness Warehouse and Online at Natures Colours