Another local brand that I love , love , love is Rain Africa.

Rain makes use of many ingredients which are indigenous to Africa such as Marula oil , Mafura Butter , Mongongo Nut , Shea Butter and the list goes on and on....seriously!

All products are created with Fair Trade Ingredients where possible , are Cruelty Free , Vegan and Eco-Friendly. This range is again made by hand using the local community and creating a sustainable income for local women.

If you want to spoil a guest that is here from overseas, gals this is the way to go. The prices range from R39.00 upwards and there are some truly special gifts such as the handwoven basket with the softly scented Talc Powder and the feather applicator.....sigh!

Reminiscent of Cleopatra's days for sure.

I have many personal favorites in the Rain collection, from the fabulous Earth Eggs presented in a proper dinkum egg box. Each and every Earth Egg a unique plant covered, softly fragranced bath time adventure. To the rather sublime Savannah Hand Wash and Savannah Hand Lotion with it soft desert fragrance even the guys love (and yes that comes first hand from a male friend of mine).


Buy a cute cardboard gift box , line it with a muslin wash cloth from Rain and position one of Rains fabulous Hand Lotion Tubes such as the Rooibos , a luxury Handmade Artisinal Soap such as the Anti-oxidant Bar and the fabulous fragranced Talc.... head to toe luxury.
** This arrangement can either be positioned in the guest bathroom and/or presented as a personal gift at the foot of the bed.

Another personal favourite is to take my decorative bubble bath bottle to the store. It is filled with my choice of bubbles on tap and charged to me accordingly. I position this on the edge of the bath, along with a cute bowl full of the earth egg fizz balls... temptation at it's finest.