Skin Care brand AETHIC have just launched a brand new sun block Sovee to be sold in Selfridges stores world wide. This is yet another display of commitment by this large retail brand after launching Project Ocean now in it's 3rd year.

Aethic had the following to say..

'A study conducted by a leading marine scientist in 2008, revealed that most sunscreens kill coral by activating a deadly virus latent in Algae, the primary food source for coral. Once deprived of this food, the coral bleaches and, in a matter of hours, dies.'

 A shocking revelation to me and I am sure to you too.

It is because of this research that the new sunblock Sovee has been launched by AETHIC who shared the following on this new product..

'Once the final skin-protective and skin-nourishing ingredients were selected, the complete product was again tested in its entirety and stage two research found that both coral and mussels remained completely intact in The Coral Triangle in Indonesia and in the Mediterranean, respectively.

The patented formula incorporates three of the most photo-stable sun filters available, three organic moisturisers (beeswax, olive oil and coconut extract), Vitamin E as a skin anti-oxidant and only food grade preservatives.'