Coffee is usually associated with early morning wake up calls and late night yawns, why? Well caffeine is known for its stimulating action on the body but what else can coffee do for the body?

Coffee has a multitude of actions on the body and skin which include the following..
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Correcting Circulatory conditions
Research and studies carried out at reputable international universities (Seoul,USA) have proven that coffee’s anti-inflammatory properties are almost equal to those of aspirin.

So just how is this ingredient used in cosmetic preparations today?
For dark circles under the eyes
As caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, genetic inheritance and bad circulation.
By making use of caffeine in eye products the following results could be seen..
  • Reduced puffiness
  • Reduced Inflammation
** It cannot eliminate dark circles but it can improve the appearance thereof

For Cellulite and Circulation
As caused by bad diet, lack of exercise, sluggish circulation and genetic inheritance
By making use of caffeine products for cellulite the following could be seen…
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction in cellulite
  • Smoother and firmer skin tone
** The above results have been proven through clinical studies. Coffee as a result has been used in award winning cellulite beauty products such as Clarins.

There is positive evidence correlating  a decrease in Basal cell carcinoma ( the most common form of skin cancer)  for those who consume high volumes of caffeine, studies are ongoing in this regard so don’t ditch that SPF just yet.