What is the inspiration behind the Anne Hirsch show?
I’ve always been interested in the construction of identity and society’s obsession with fame (and its construction). Having worked as a comedian I thought it would be great to combine two of my favourite things; celebrity and comedy. Nobody in SA has really done this and it’s been such a pleasure working on the show. I have an amazing team behind me; an all-female, solar-powered production company called Zootee Studios – they make it all happen.  

Your show has a humorous flair; do you see yourself as funny? Please explain.
Well of course I think I’m hilarious, it’s just been such a bonus finding out that other people (apart from my parents) also find me fairly funny.

You get to meet many celebrities, who was your favourite to date? And why?
Obviously I love all my celebrities equally and they have all left me with something really special (apart from their hair). I have great memories, from Marc Lottering’s hysterical laughter, a bikini photoshoot with Playboy model Candice Boucher to making out with Gareth Cliff and getting to touch Danny K. It’s been a real tour de farce!

Would you attribute much of your success to Social Media?
I don’t think the show could succeed without it. We have tried sharing our episodes on paper even sketching them or rocks but it really only works online. So thank you Mark Zuckerberg and Mrs Twitter.

How has social media played a role in furthering your career?
The power of social media is amazing. Stuart Lowe, former MD of Ramsay Media and who now runs his own research agency has done studies that show that people in higher LSM (Living Standard Measurements) enjoy consuming comedy. So our target audience is sassy, clever, plugged in and aware of the current zeitgeist outside traditional media. And younger people prefer getting information from the net rather than TV or newspapers and magazines. A study recently showed that a fair number of people under 30 and who move out of home do not own a TV set and never will. Most of our viewers are between 19 and 34.
We are very much aware that Angie (Angelina Jolie) is your BFF, where did you first meet and has this been a long term friendship?
Yes we are hashtag besties. But I don’t want this to be the only thing people think of when they hear her name. So we try to.....