Having seen a whole new genre of miracle ingredients surfacing in the skin care world of late , one of the newest to create a stir is the toxin called ‘Melittin’ or otherwise known as Bee Venom.

 It is rumored that the application of this venom via cosmetic products tricks the skin into thinking it has been stung, thus creating a rush of blood to the area which is then said to trigger collagen and elastin production.
 The latest celeb converts to this new skin care fad include none other than Lady Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge.

 Bee Venom is being hailed as the latest ‘ natural Botox’, yet much of  the research into this active ingredient has been targeted more toward the medical benefits for disease such as cancer and arthritis with very little evidence supporting the following….. 

 Benefits of Bee Venom

-          Stimulates the bodies collagen production
-          Stimulates the bodies elastin production
-          Smoothes
-          Lifts
-          Tightens
-          Anti-Inflammatory

Still this is a very much an in demand ingredient, it is said that one gram of bee venom retails for more than eight times the current value of gold. 

Bee venom products are slowly finding their way onto our retail shelves and even into salons and spa’s where a Bee Botox facial will set you back around $65-95.
Shocking considering that research can only conclusively support the anti-inflammatory claims of Bee Venom at this point in time. However the show must go on as they say and heaven alone knows ‘it isn’t over till the fat lady sings’, so brace yourself as products from Abeeco Ltd , Manuka Doctor and Heaven start to adorn the shelves. ( As far as I know these have not yet hit South African shores)

bee venom cream