I love to frequent little coffee shops , Artisinal Eateries and those little unique 'off the beaten track' kinda places.

Mom reckons it's part of my Gypsy like tendencies for the eclectic and vintage, always with a little bling! he
he he . On this particular day I was dropping in to Wellness Warehouse, and well I decided to include a visit to one of my favourite Artisinal Bakeries cum Coffee Shop called KNEAD (on Kloof street in Cape Town).

So me being the 'fresh air freak' and all, I decided we would sit outside on the covered balcony. It was great barring the bunch of Italian tourists that stood behind us and the proceeded to speak so loudly I couldn't hear what mumsy said.

Menu in hand, Cappuccino on table.... I was ready to look at the menu. Please note Mom and I are such bad influences on each other,  we flutter and change our mind constantly until the waitress arrives, upon which we both choose to have the French Brioche Toast with pan fried fruit and Creme Fraiche(  the serving a little skimp for the price)............ but still yummy!

But not exactly what I would call TUMMY & BUDGET FRIENDLY for the hungry.

I love KNEAD , the service has always been great no matter how busy the restaurant , the food is consistent , fresh and with a great variety to choose from.

I enjoyed the balcony but.... I must be honest, I still prefer to sit inside the restaurant.
All round though I LOVE IT! and I WILL BE BACK!