Now I know how fashion trends are at the moment, with an absolute plethora of nail shapes , colors and art doing the rounds and yes some of these are very pretty some are downright evil looking and well others are just plain unrealistic.

However the debate remains as to which nail shape affords the nail the most strength and longevity? Call me 'Old Fashioned' or whatever you will, but my old school training to this day has stood me in good stead with my clients.

I believe that there are 2 ideal nail shapes depending on the size of your nail bed and the length of your nail which are they then?

Above you can see the variety of nail shapes that have become fashionable, the most suitable of all nail shapes is the square oval better known as 'Squoval' it allows the nail to maintain it's strength by keeping the nail straight and in parallel lines , whilst the front is slightly rounded out to the edges. This allows the nail to keep it's length and prevent any hooking , snagging and/or points of weakness to occur.

The squoval shape is great for all nails and gives the false impression of added length should you have long nail beds.For shorter nails it also prevents your nails from looking like colorful M&M's on the end of a finger.

Should you have longer nails it would be better to stick with the traditional round shape to prevent creating weak spots that can rip and tear.

However when in doubt look at the shape of the back of your nail and if possible try to mimic this shape in the front or 'free edge' and you can't go wrong.