Ladies are traditionally known for spending millions of rands/dollars/ponds per year on make-up and cosmetic products , we may be the fairer sex but we are also the revenue generators for many a brand and company.

So whilst we are out scouting for the next big buy at the most affordable price take a few moments to consider what exactly is in those products? Yes what is in that eyeshadow?

Eye shadows have been around as long as time... with mention of face painting even in the old testament of the bible and of eye shadows being used in Egyptian burials ways back in 10 000 BC. Eye shadows are predominantly used by women in Western Society how ever there are 'tribes' and 'trends' that call for men to wear eyeshadow occasionally .

 Eye shadows are comprised of a variety of ingredients such as Talc , Mica , Sericite and Magnesium Stearate (being the most common) along with the additional colors and preservatives. The liquid binders used in eye shadows are usually either silicone and/or magnesium stearate. The fillers are most commonly Talc.
There is a unique balance and blend to creating eye shadows which incorporates all three of the above mentioned type of ingredients. This allows for the powders to be compressed and compacted.

Today the trend has definitely moved toward pure pigments and mineral based 
make up, which offers a pure deeper pigment on the skin , longer wear and 
overall just better and healthier for the end user.

For a good eyeshadow look out for the following:
- smooth and silky texture, with not too much  fallout
- good colour deposit on the skin
- should have longevity through the day
- a matte finish

In the instance of sheers , glitters and pearl finishes they should be soft , micronised and fine in appearance and adhere to the skin.