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Cosmetic Acupuncture is nothing new it having been around since China’s Sung dynasty (960 AD- 1270AD); to this day it is still a common practice in Chinese medicine, originating long before technology ever surfaced.

In ancient days it was believed that when you work on the series of energy flow lines or otherwise known as ‘Meridians’ this treatment not only aids in the appearance of ageing but also in raising energy (Qi) levels , improving digestion and even going as far as improving your quality of sleep.
So just how does this work?
Each and every client is unique and therefore has an individual set of concerns that they wish to address, treatments are mapped accordingly.
Treatment is done along areas where wrinkles and lines most appear, for example under the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth.
Acupuncture is comprised of inserting fine micro-needles into specific energy centers or points as mapped out on the meridians, and is thus like a tiny relay of ‘hidden messages’ within the body to restore and repair blocked energy. The needles tiny insertions are painless and result in an almost undetectable trauma below the skin, this trauma is what stimulates the blood flow and collagen production to the area. The body’s natural repair system now becomes an anti-ageing treatment, nourishing and treating the skin from the inside out.
What can I expect to see afterwards?
After the first few treatments you will notice a much brighter and more even complexion, with an improvement in skin tone. Acupuncture will appear to slow down time and thus delay the signs of ageing.
Unlike other anti-ageing treatments the aim is not to fill, relax, and puff-out or plump-up, but rather to improve the skins natural metabolism and in so doing, slow down ageing. The results will not be instant but rather a gradual improvement over time, it will leave your friends guessing as to what you have been up to?
How many treatments do I need to have?
Usually acupuncture comprises of a series of treatments, between 10 – 12 sessions. Comprised of two appointments per week, but no more than a week apart. There after you will need to maintain your results with regular appointments every 4 – 6 weeks and also ensure you make use of a good skin care product to maintain the external health of your skin.
Benefits of Acupuncture
-          Increased facial circulation
-          Improved facial lymph circulation and toxin removal
-          Increased production of Collagen and Elastin
-          Improved facial muscle tone, resulting in fewer wrinkles
-          Improved complexion
There is no ‘down time’ it can be treated as a lunch time beauty treat, even better it is covered by most Health Plans these days.
So my conclusion is that Acupuncture proves to be nature’s solution to ageing gracefully the natural way. Whatever you choose always ensure that you are making use of a qualified and certified practitioner.