In the world of skin care and the daily life of a therapist there are hundreds of skin types, each client is unique. However skin care is generally classified in one of the following Dry , Oily , Dehydrated and Combination so as to best start creating a customized treatment.

Dry skins

This skin type is characterized by the following:

- Dry and flaky in appearance
- Lack of colour and tone resulting in a dull complexion
- Premature aging resulting in lines and wrinkles
- Can be prone to sensitivity and reactions

** Solution: Treat the skin slowly progressing to rich and nourishing anti-aging creams , restore the skins natural oil balance and use products that are gentle and will not strip the skin.

Oily Skins

These skins are the polar opposite of dry skins and are characterized as follows :

- Constant shine and greasy surface to the skin
- Enlarged pores
- Sallow/Yellowish complexion
- Thick skin
- Slow to age due to the oil preventing dehydration and or the elements to affect the skin
- prone to blackheads and blockages of the pores

** Solution: Use products to balance the oil secretions , that will mattify the skin and also increase the circulation to improve the color and complexion of the skin. Must use an exfoliator and purifying mask.

Dehydrated Skins

These skin are often misdiagnosed as dry skins, they are characterized as follows:

- Fine lines and wrinkles
- rough texture to the skin
- flushed or red appearance, due to cappiliaries being dilated
- fine pores
- little or no evidence of oil on the skin

** Solution: Use products that will hydrate NOT nourish and restore the water levels in the skin , slowly introduce serums onto the skin. Anti-Redness creams are also a great investment if you are struggling with high color.

Combination Skin

Characterised by the well know T-zone as follows:

- An oily T Zone , which is forehead , nose and chin
- Dry / Dehydrated cheeks
- Can start off the day feeling quite tight and finish up with a fine oily film over the face
- Large pores around the nose and chin areas
-Fine lines on cheeks and around the eye area
- Capillaries on the cheeks often

** Solution: Choose the predominant condition and treat that condition first , try to restore balance to the skin.