In my twenty some years as a therapist I have seen it all , from 'no brows , just pencil' to ' natural brows' and every thing in between...

Some things however do have a constant within the trends that come and go, in this case that would be a well groomed and softly shaped brow. Just how do achieve this look and get the correct shape for your face?

I suppose this is where I will differ with some of the so called 'GURU'S' out there , I believe that we all have our own unique natural shape to our brows. With that in mind there are two options for each individual

OPTION 1 - A sleek and well groomed brow

** This option will take constant maintenance making use of either tweezers , waxing and/or threading

OPTION 2 - A more natural , but tidy brow. This option is not highly contoured but rather just cleaned up a little.

** This option takes less maintenance and will require an initial wax or threading and later just the occasional plucking.

That said, here is a fantastic guideline tool which can help you to shape your unique brow based on the following guides..

Use a pencil or make-up brush to do this exercise

A -Place the pencil/brush along side your nostril reaching to your eyebrow , any brow hairs on the outside of pencil (on the side away from the eye) needs to be removed and shaped.

B - Place the pencil/brush in the same diction but this time at the highest point in the brow , you will need to start tapering and shaping the end of the brow from this point.

C - Place the pencil/brush at the nostril and the top at the end of the eye , any hair outside of this area (on the side closest to the ear) should be removed.

D - Lastly, take the pencil and ensure that the start of the brow and the end of the brow are the same height , if not correct this but BE CAREFUL.

Hopefully you can now achieve a fabulous groomed look that is easy to monitor and maintain.