If you have never experienced a real face balm this product will at first seem strange. Why? Well the texture is rather oily and thick in consistency; however do not be fooled into thinking this product is not for you.

I am an avid fan of face balms and this product is no exception. It has the fabulous rose geranium essential oil which has a natural balancing action on both skin and hormones, it also contains Calendula which is calming and soothing this forming part of a fabulous blend of natural plant/seed and nut oils.

Better yet it can be used on a multitude of areas not just the face, in actual fact anywhere on the body that you are experiencing dry skin, it calm soothes and nourishes all at the same time. I found it best to use this product at night. I literally put a tiny amount in the palm of my hands( which are naturally very warm) rub it to spread evenly over my hands and then press it onto my freshly washed face.

I have a combination skin and I found that....