Did you know that it is important to file you finger nails gently and not vigorously? 

Nails are comprised of many layers of cells and each layer has an allocated amount of water and oil as hydration between these layers. When we start filing our nails with a heavy grit file (because it's quicker) , this process causes friction which in turn results in heating the nail bed (growth area) and this valuable moisture evaporates leaving the nails dry , brittle and flaky.

What nail file should I use?

Well the old fashioned emery board is still the best. They may not last long however the finer side of these boards are the best for filing your nails.
How should I file my nails?

Well firstly clip your nails to the length you want them , this prevents prolonged filing and added heat and friction on the nail bed.
Secondly file from the outside edge towards in the center , in one direction only. Do not rock the nail file as again this tears and separates the different layers of nail causing unseen damage.

What to avoid

Over using of nail buffers
 - only use these once every 2 weeks and just for a quick buff. Excessive use will result in thin and fragile nails.

** It takes 28 days for nail cells to regenerate

Leaving Nail varnish on for too long. 
- this also weakens the nail , it is important for nails to breath.

** ensure you use a base coat to prevent staining of the nail.