From the moment the invite went out on Twitter I just knew I had to be there , a fabulous beauty event with a home grown natural , organic and hand made product who could possibly resist? You see when you know the ladies from Hey Gorgeous, you will understand their fun vibrant personalities and their true unbridled passion for their product.

I had been chatting with these ladies for a few weeks and just loved them to bits even though I had never met them was the perfect opportunity for some face time.

With my spot confirmed I received this (Hey) Gorgeous invite explaining the event... yay!
and so with much fanfare and build up the day finally arrived......

Not having clue where Dear Me Brasserie was located, I set out on foot down Longmarket Street in Cape Town and got lucky quite quickly. I made my way up the stairs and was presented with a gorgeous white room that had beautiful crystal chandeliers suspended from the roof and a buzz of activity as people were putting the finishing touches on the venue.

We entered into the gorgeous white room and embarked on a journey into another time and place. From beautiful peach roses which tie in with the colour scheme of Hey Gorgeous, to an array of beautifully adorned testing tables.

Bowls of sugar scrubs releasing their fantastic aroma's , decanters of face oils and quaint containers of fluffy body mousse all for us to play with. I was like a child in a candy store...

I just had to roam , take pictures , try product and feast my eyes on the wonderful displays.

We were handed a fantastic goodie bag with all new products to try {not as yet released} including one of Hey Gorgeous infamous Bath Bomb cupcakes. All of these I will review at a later stage.

Leana from Hey Gorgeous shared a short word or two of thanks and welcome , explained briefly how the concept of a 'Tester Party' came about and Phoebe share a little on the Philosophy and family behind the label; including their Greek heritage and passion for food which led to the 'foodie' smells of many of their products such as ' Choc Mint' body mousse and 'French Roast & Vanilla Bean' body scrub to name but a few.

I had a fabulous morning , the food laid out was absolutely amazing , even champagne and orange juice. I got to meet a few other Beauty Bloggers which was awesome being a 'newbie' on the block, including 'Mother City Mom' Bronwyn who actually lives in the same area as I do.

It was a fabulous event and I absolutely love the product and I truly hope if there are future events that you will take time out , spoil yourself and attend it's worth it!