I love any occasion where I can invite my BFF's around, and this was no exception . I was recently given Gluhwein by Original Cocktails to review and a reason to invite some of the gals.

You see I could've quite easily just shared my review, but how much more fun is it sharing and seeing others faces and responses.... and what followed was a delight.

On two separate occasions I had friends over and we shared a glass or two of the Original Cocktails Gluhwein and here is the feedback...

The first occasion was with my friend Estie , it was cold wet (being winter this is not unusual ..lol) and I had made us some yummy ' Chicken Ala King' for dinner. I opened the bottle and stood it on the stove top whist I was cooking and waiting for Estie to arrive.

Resulting in a Gluhwein that was body temperature as opposed to hot , the fresh aroma's popped with the luscious undertones of the rich red wine and left a distinct after taste of clove.... this was delicious. We both agreed that this sweet decadence is a very easy drinking wine and could be really dangerous given how easy it is to drink... it is however a winner and a definite must have for winter.

I am not a big drinker but I do enjoy a glass now and then, and honestly I will definitely buy this product again  .Estie was so enamored she took a photo of the bottle to ensure she got the right bottle when next she purchases her refreshments.

The second occasion I had another friend Louise join me for a fun nail art session (see my post to follow) and we decided to have a natter over a glass of Original cocktails Gluhwein.

Louise was also amazed at how delicious and easy to drink this cocktail is , I think that sometimes the expectation is that it will be sour and yet there is nothing sour about this drink. It is sweet , smooth and surprisingly light bodied with loads of aromatic warming spices such as Cinnamon and Clove.

With Louise I heated the wine in the microwave, as per the instructions {do not boil!!} and again we really enjoyed it. I must say that the spices were far more distinctive when served at body temperature. I personally enjoyed it more when I could differentiate the fabulous undertones.

We all enjoyed this drink and we would all buy it again. 

Next I would like to try the hot version with a slice of orange in it and see how the flavours pops. Spoil yourself this winter to some fabulous, hot and spicy Gluhwein.