I recently won a pair of tickets online from Food & Home Magazine to the Coffee & Chocolate Expo at Monte Casino in Johannesburg. I was so glad to be able to bless a friend of mine up in Johannesburg and get her to take a few fabulous pictures and write a little feed back about their day......

Upon arrival Charlene discovered they were early and had this to say 'we were amazed at the popularity of the show, having to stand in line and wait for the doors to open'.

Here are some of the fabulous chocolates on display with fabulous designs and variety , there were loads of  handmade chocolates by local artisans and specialty shops.

Charlene said it was hard to resist temptation, so they didn't! Instead they bought a slab of chocolate to nibble on and later had a fabulous cup of Hot Chocolate which was so yummy she couldn't resist buying a packet of  the Belgian 'Hot Chocolate on a stick' to take home for the kids to try as well.

For those with less of a sweet tooth there were food stalls where you could stop and have lunch, or just sit and relax for a while. Charlene chose to share a 'Scrumptious platter which included felafel, aubergine dip , artichoke hearts and mature cheese with a Sweet chili sauce'.