I was invited to a Winter Launch at The Urban Beauty Spa , located within the V& A Waterfront vicinity in Cape Town.

Having never been there before I was unsure of what to expect and somewhat apprehensive
[due to my own ignorance} having been absent from this industry for so long { about 3 years}.

However upon arrival for this event {which i will blog about separately} I was pleasantly surprised , the entrance hall which was expansive with high ceilings and glorious light fixtures , elegant decor abounded and was sophisticated with luxurious lines and textures, the entrance floor of course being marble as any self respecting magnificent hallway would be.

The lovely therapists were dressed in practical uniforms comprised of pants and tops, in white and turquoise blue which echoes the theme of the spa which has a definite slant towards the paramedical in beauty and pampering spa for body.

The rooms are spacious and although white, do not feel clinical but rather elegant chic with their crystal finishes and Orchids dotted around.

The spa  offers a wide variety of services such as the basic day to day maintenance of manicures , pedicures and waxing. For those who fear the signs of aging there are fantastic treatments such as paramedical facials and peels. The Spa stocks products such as Nimue - a leading South African Brand , QMS and Ofra profesional make-up range.

But what about those wanting to just unwind and relax?
They too are catered for with fabulous, full body exfoliation , wraps and warm candle massages to pamper and soothe the most stressed of clients. For the pampering treatments the Spa makes use of Kalahari Spa products another proudly South African range.

Although I only had the pleasure of a hand massage, I enjoyed it thoroughly and was impressed to hear that Claudia the owner of the Spa will often employ ladies not based on their qualifications but rather on their personal  passion which comes through in the service that they perform. 

Claudia herself could never afford formal training and thus made it her mission to teach herself and excel in her chosen field of Beauty a goal she has clearly achieved.

Claudia is now affording others the same grace and aiding therapists that cannot afford formal training. Claudia is currently busy with a new challenge of opening a training center where the young ladies that cannot afford this type of training will get formal training. This training will be sponsored, if you would like more info or to offer financial assistance please contact Claudia directly on Tel: + 27 21 425 2080.