On Saturday after a rather frenzied day of running out of the house early am to go serve soup at the Soup Kitchen in Du Noon I found my self at my partner in crimes house.... yep my ever faithful mom!

The two of us set out on a journey to locate a new Footwear factory{outlet} shop on main road in Salt River called TOKYO +Co . We knew more or less where it was located or so we thought?? The upside was that we found a load more clothing and shoe factory shops we still have yet to explore, but after asking a few people we soon located our destination.

As we pulled up into the parking I could see serious trouble looming ahead just by the window displays......ooohweee watch out purse!

 As you can see the first thing you eye hits as you walk through the door is the SALE area

 Feeling totally in awe of the selection of shoes and handbags I decided to start by the boots, they have a great selection to suit all pockets and legs {I have wide muscular calves and struggle to find full length boots , but they even had choices available for me}.

So now that I've seen the boots I casually wondered over to check out the Trending Fashion shoes with all their platforms studs and I must say that TOKYO +Co are up to date and on trend.....

TOKYO really have a selection for both the casual and the glamorous shopper. You would seriously be hard pushed to leave without at least one pair of shoes. I love my pumps or flats and so naturally I had to mosey over to that department, with great glee I discovered they had a sale on these too....hmmm needless to say I left with 2 pairs in hand ......gulp!

There are also a multitude of scarves , handbags, accessories and fun vibrant shoes for the ladies , and for the men  there is a full shoe selection on offer.

We had a great shop at TOKYO +Co , the staff were amazing from the guys circling the shop with their fabulous aprons { such gentlemen} with truly heartfelt smiles and 'come again's' to the lovely sales lady who assisted me with boot options , price options , colour options and more!

I will definitely be back there soon! Oh yes! I have to be they set some boots set aside for me .... he he he .......

Find TOKYO +Co on Facebook HERE