Posted June 11, 2013 by in Skin and Body Care

We are all on a continuous search for eternal youth and doing our utmost to duck and dive the signs of ageing. These days’ women are venturing down the cosmeceutical rescue path from as early as 25years old looking for quick fixes and long term cures. Skin peels are great in resurfacing the skin and thus assisting in lightening and even removing scar tissue {acne scarring} as well as pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine and deep wrinkles  through a series of treatments.

However skin peels are also great at promoting skin renewal and stimulating collagen production and thus has become a treatment of choice for many. But which peel should you have and what are your options?
The most common peels these days that are administered by a qualified skin care therapist, anti-ageing doctor and/or dermatologist are…
-          TCA Peels
-          Glycolic or Alpha Hydroxy Peel
-          Salicylic Acid Peel
Let’s explore each of these a little more in depth.