You know it is the funniest thing I have been in the beauty industry for 20 years and today , only today did I finally get a mind blowing revelation on why we should be using the best possible skin care and cosmetic products we can afford.

Ok so let me explain , I have always known that we need to use quality products but my thinking has always been geared towards the best ingredients and technology of the product and in so doing getting the most out of the products for the money spent....which is all very true!

But what I neglected to the think about or the angle that I never looked at ... {mainly because cosmetics and products were easily attainable when working as a therapist} is that it is not all about the product and/or the ingredients...... but ...... rather, the effect the product or cosmetic has on the skin because of the ingredients i.e. the texture and appearance.

Here is a dissection of the skin..

Now there are many ways that products penetrate the skin but the basic age old ways are through moving down the hair follicle and then assimilating into the skin , or direct penetration through the skin. In order for a product to be effective it needs to have molecules that are small enough to penetrate the skin and work on the living layer or 'DERMIS' so that you are getting healthy new skin cells moving to the surface.

This is where my new revelation comes in... we are all limited by budgets and affordability and so in reality we buy what we can afford. So how can we get the best out of our product? My best advice , no matter what your budget but products with natural plant extracts and essences , no petroleum derivatives and as few preservatives as possible.

How will you know your skin is benefiting? Well your skin will have fewer breakouts , it will be far more balanced { less oiliness and dehydration}fewer fine lines and wrinkles and the pores will appear smaller not enlarged and full of blackheads. Your skin will feel alive , plump and look radiant not dull , dry , oily , sallow or wrinkled.

Please also remember make-up is meant to coat the skin and sit on the surface whilst skin care is developed to pentrate the skin ... very different actions on the skin however it is important that both work hand in hand and are compatible.

I would like to thank NIMUE , FILORGA AND REVLON for the beautiful shape my skin is in , I have recently tested some of there phenomenal Skin Care and make-up products , my skin is smooth , glowing and fresh looking. My pores are minimized and so are my fine lines... fabulous