To some people feet are just the most beautiful part of the body and yet to others it is the part of the body they just want to hide away.

No matter which is your standpoint the fact remains that our feet carry the full weight of our body for a large part of the day. Now if you are like me and you love beautiful shoes or rather lets say trendy or fashionable shoes, it also means that more than likely your feet are either arched at a very unnatural slant or squished into a rather torturous but rather chic shoe.

So what can you do at home to pamper and take a load off your feet?

Start off by looking after them and maintaining them like you do with the rest of your body , just because they are hidden in shoes doesn't mean we should neglect our feet.

                                        1. Scrubadubdub

 Give your feet a good scrub with a foot exfoliator , these help to get rid of the dead skin , increase the circulation of the foot and help to keep your feet soft and smooth.

Work in large circular motions and quite vigorously. Friction is good so work it baby, work it!

Scrubs usually contain peppermint and or tea tree oil which act as natural anti-bacterial , anti-septic and of course a natural deodorizer.

Good Tip:
If you can't manage yourself trade with your BFF and do a swop or even better train your man.....
 2. File Factor

Cut and File your nails , File? Why file?

Firstly when you file your nails you prevent then from snagging on your pantyhose/nylons. 

Secondly you can shape the nail the same shape as the back shape of your toe nail which is the best shape and in so doing help prevent cracking and splitting of the nails, especially as we get older. With age toe nails become thicker , harder and more yellowed in color which again lends itself to rather filing your nails as opposed to clipping.

Lastly you can file under the free edges of the toe nails and prevent ingrown toe nails.

                                        3. Cuticle Work

Once you have finished filing rub in some cuticle oil and just hydrate the skin around the toes , again rub in small circular motions over the toe and gently push back the cuticles.

This keeps the cuticles supple and soft and prevents hard skin from building up , it also just hydrates and nourishes the toe nails promoting healthy growth and preventing hardening.
4. Footloose

Show your feet a little love....

Depending on your preference of  foot cream , you can either use a foot massage butter or a foot lotion and give your feet a generous massage for at least 5 minutes a foot working on the heel and the ball of the foot.

If you are treating your feet before bedtime add an extra dollop and let the cream soak in whilst you catch some zzzzzz's.

Good Tip:
Really spoil yourself and book a pedicure at your local salon, the foot massages are usually to die for.... sigh .... pure bliss!

                                                              5. Fancy Feet

 I don't know about you but I have always just felt that Nail Polish just completes the toes and therefore I have seldom seen my toes without it , these days there are such fun paint techniques , decals and colours for on the toes that you really can't go wrong , but please do ensure that you make use of a base coat to avoid damaging or staining your nails and a top coat to help prolong the wear you get out of the application.

 I do hope that you found this blog helpful , I hope that you will soon have happy , healthy , hydrated and pretty feet.

*** I would like to thank my precious friend E , you know who you are for sitting painstakingly and letting me use her feet {I assure you there was no protest} but for also actually assisting me in taking the images too.