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Mesotherapy is a procedure making use of fine needles to administer a series of ‘micro injections’ of highly active anti-aging and/or healing ingredients into the layer of the skin known as the ‘Mesoderm’.

This treatment was originally medical in nature used for healing and improving of medical injuries and pioneered by Dr Michel Pistor in 1952.
This treatment is used as a practically pain free way of administering biologically active ingredients through a series of mini injections which is either done individually or with a specialised mesotherapy gun {multiple injections} to achieve maximum anti-aging results.
Mesotherapy can safely be used in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments such as Botox and Fillers. Different mesotherapy ingredients are used to treat different areas and can be adapted to either anti-aging or body sculpting e.g. reducing double chins.

Which areas are treated with Mesotherapy?
Areas commonly treated are the face, neck, décolleté, hands, cleavage, inner thighs and abdomen areas.

What skin conditions can be treated with Mesotherapy?
-          Dull skin lacking radiance
-          Skin that has had excessive sun exposure , leathery in appearance
-          Thin, frail and fragile skin
-          Areas with hormonal pigmentation
-          Saggy skin with a loss of elasticity and tone
-          Dehydrated Skin
-          Sensitive skin

So what exactly can I achieve by going for Mesotherapy?
-          Anti-aging
-          Facial and body sculpting
-          Re-texturising and normalizing of the skin
-          Diminished if not removed hormonal pigmentation.

With Mesotherapy the treatment offers progressive results which are noticeable but natural, so that overtime you will achieve your goal whether it be sculpting or anti-aging without having to share your secrets. The results are cumulative and you will notice an improvement in the radiance and overall skin wellbeing as the skin becomes restructured.

What is injected into the skin in Mesotherapy?
Usually it is a cocktail of some 50+ ingredients that are targeting a specific outcome in the deeper layers of the skin and thus there are various medical aesthetic companies that have their own unique blend of ingredients, which are usually comprised of some of the following…
-          Hyaluronic Acid
-          Vitamins
-          Amino Acids
-          Minerals
-          Co-enzymes
-          Anti oxidants

Nothing short of a skin smoothie or cocktail, so cheers! To a younger, smoother and more radiant looking skin.

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