Well I was really blessed by Revlon recently with some fabulous products to try out and so I decided to also have a little fun with my pictures whilst giving you an honest review.

Here's the haul...

 TANTALIZE by Revlon

I love the fragrance ' TANTALIZE' by Revlon and was over the moon when they sent me a bottle ... I cannot tell you just how much I love this fragrance. I have always been a Vanilla freak and have tried and used all the Vanilla based fragrances over the years but when I was looking for a fragrance oneday on a tight budget I bought my first bottle of Tantalize{30ml} in Dis-Chem for approx R100.00 and it was LURVE and still is.

Tantalize is a fun and flirtacious scent but with a medium undertone , not too heavy but enough so that the fragrance lingers. I am not sure of breakdown of aroma's but I am sure there must be vanilla in there somewhere as I am smitten not to mention oh so very impressed {when a friend hugged me the other day and said you smell fabulous}...... so good for the ego... he he he , and of course one does tend to be more generous when your fragrance was a gift.

I will always have a bottle of this around , I give it *****


I received two of these fabulous Just Bitten Kissables chubbies, a rather Coral colour {my favourite} called Rendezvous and a Pink/Purplish colour called Romantic which is great for the evening.What I love the most about these new age chubbies is that they do not require sharpening ... fabulous! I love the texture which is creamy with a sheen more than a high gloss and as for the staying power? Being a 'stain' type product they do have better staying power than a lipstick so when you are out and about doing your thing they last but for solid colour you would definitely need to reapply after eating or drinking.

I would like to try a more nude colour in these as I do tend to err towards the naturals and neutrals for lips.They are great for in your purse or when out socializing as they allow for quick application and don't take up too much space { for me anyway} I definitely will buy again.

I give this ****


It was so great when I received these as I had just bought a competitors BB Cream {I will review another time} and so it gave me an opportunity to compare the two products. I received 2 shades of the Revlon BB Cream {medium and light}both of which I could use on my skin as Light in winter and Medium in Summer or the evening when a slightly darker shade is required{lighting and all that stuff}.

I am still currently using Revlon's BB Cream in the day and I am enjoying it's easy application , lightweight formula but being older {almost 40yrs} I do need to use my normal serum underneath as a moisture boost. It is great to see that it doesn't conflict with my existing products but works quite happily in unison.

My skin is enjoying the product , I haven't had any breakouts or adverse effects at all. As far as coverage well thats where I am a little disappointed, as the coverage is very light and I find by lunchtime despite having put compact powder over I still need to reapply where as other BB creams have given far more coverage and durability.

I quite honestly don't know if I would buy this again , given the option I prefer more coverage.

I give this product ***  but for durability **

I still have a few other products to review but those will be in another blog , but here is some fun I had whilst planning this post which I do hope you enjoyed and found informative.