David Sharp is a Professional Make-Up Artist and distributor of OFRA Cosmetics in South Africa , in this insert he offers some great tips and advice on how to choose the foundation that best suits your skin.....
"Choosing the right foundation can be a daunting task, especially if you not assisted in finding the correct tone for you.
Remember this, everyone is yellow undertoned and not pink as the rest of the world thinks.

- Always match your foundation on the side of your jaw line.

- The color that disappears into your skin is the perfect match.

- Never use foundation around the eyes, trying to conceal dark circles.

Foundation dehydrates you around the eyes, therefore giving you that creased look when smiling.

- Ofra Concealers neutralize the dark circles and give the eye a lift, when choosing your concealer, it should match the color of your natural brow bone.

Most importantly, find a foundation that is going to match your skin type, no use in using a foundation for oily skin when you have a combination/dry skin type.
Apply your foundation with a foundation brush, or even better, your hands as it will warm up the product and it will settle with your skin.
I do not believe in sponges as they suck up 40% of the foundation therefore  wasting the product and it's unhygienic."

Davids personal favourite foundation  from Ofra Cosmetics has to be Silk Peptide Foundation as well as the Liquid Foundation.