We recently had a public holiday and one of my BFF'S and I decided to go and watch 'The Great Gatsby' and have a bite to eat.

Now I am not prone to aimless wondering through malls with my mouth wide open , I usually rather plan my visits and make them as direct and short as possible... sad I know! So with this in mind Sue and I discussed where we should lunch and rather surprisingly she mentioned a new restaurant group called Joe's Easy Diner and having traveled quiet extensively I was overjoyed at experiencing a touch of the Ole USA.

Joe's Easy Diner has all the quaint old vintage touches of a diner straight out of the 'GREASE' era with fabulous vinyl booths to the cute red vinyl and chrome stools , fabulous serviette holders and more all transporting the patrons to bygone era.


Sue recommended the Burgers and boy was she spot on, I ordered a delicious Blue Cheese Burger Combo and the combo consists of  fabulous Burger , Chunky Fries and a side of Coleslaw and Onion Rings a feast of note.

 Well that was the eating sorted now something to drink? and again Sue was on hand with recommendations of the Milk Shake ' you won't believe the size of it!' she declared and well yup she was right, served in the steel blending cup and then poured into the milkshake glass this was a whole lotta heaven and in my case Toffee flavored heaven....yummy!!

We had such fun I just had to share we were like two kids laughing and joking. All in all it was a great vibe , great food but not the cheapest at R68.00 for the Burger combo and R32.00 for the shake it cost us R100/person.

Would I go again? Heck Yeah and I'll take friends!!