I always jump in anticipation at being able to attend a live concert, theatre and/ or a musical production and this was no exception. I was invited to attend the production called ‘Glory Days’ at the Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge in Cape Town and as if that wasn’t enough I could take two of my friends  with me, fantastic!

We arrived with enough time to order our food at the in-house facilities at the Barnyard , they have always had Pizza’s and all manner of drinks on offer, however it was a pleasant surprise to discover that they now offer Tramezzini’s with a side of chips and this was just too good to pass. I promptly ordered myself a Sweet Thai Chicken Tramezzini and soft drink. A huge plus is they hand deliver your food hot and to at your table.

The lights flickered a buzz erupted as a sudden urgency developed to find our seats … the show was about to begin. We were fortunate to be seated at the second table from the front (and off to the left) a real bird’s eye view.

The Lights dimmed, the sound swelled, the smoke bellowed and suddenly it was the theme music to ‘The Final Countdown’ and in ran Wally, our host for the evening in all his ‘nerdiness’ screeching a soon to be oh so familiar ‘howzit!’

With a great ice breaker and some fun nerdy recollection we embarked on a musical adventure straight out of the 80’s , a jammed packed line up with songs from Gloria Gaynor , Bruce Springsteen , Lionel Ritchie , Bob Marley and so so many more.
The Barnyard Theatre yet again had an all star cast that are versatile and talented too. Here are some of the great highlights….

But wait there was more to come and not without a comical twist as our ‘nerdy’ host Wally proceeded to present himself in a hilarious portrayal of Tina Turner he was later joined by the other two vocal artists in a trio of Tina Turner’s.
 At this point the audience was boogieing the night away and singing or clapping with much joviality I and my friends included.

Being a child that grew up in the 80’s Glory Days was absolutely fantastic and it is reportedly the Barnyard Theatres all time best seller show.

The Barnyard Theatre is always a raving success and I have yet to attend a show I did not enjoy. They have great specials on Thursday and Sunday evenings so go on don’t miss out on the fun.