I was overjoyed when I received a delivery from Filorga of their SLEEP-RECOVER and the anticipation to just cleanse my skin and apply some product was almost unbearable.

You see I am very familiar with Filorga's Mesotherapy and I therefore am very aware of the high quality ingredients , fabulous technology and paramedical slant on all of the treatments as well as home care.
So when I received my SLEEP-RECOVER I was over the moon.  But wait!!! when I opened the box there was another surprise waiting ... a fabulous White Satin Pillow Case said to prevent the skin from stretching and lines from forming....sounds like a winner to me!

Here is my gorgeous pillowcase and SLEEP-RECOVER

SLEEP-RECOVER is actually an Anti-Fatigue Night Balm which is specially formulated to address symptoms of stress and fatigue on the skin. 

HOW? Well this product makes use of your sleep cycle and your skins natural metabolism to regenerate and repair the skin.


With Ingredients such as Silk Tree Extract {which happens to remove toxins from the skin and rebalances our sleep hormone called Melatonin , a powerful antioxidant}, and Horse Chestnut Extract which helps to reduce puffiness of the skin..........hmmmm sounds great for after a late night.

Now for the fancy ingredient Derm SRC restructuring serum {patented} which is proven to boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which plumps and restructures the skin.

SLEEP-RECOVER has a very smooth texture , is white in colour and has a fabulous fresh fragrance , it applies easily over the skin. My skin felt comforted and not at all greasy in fact it almost left a silken matte appearance on my skin.

I went to sleep feeling hydrated and almost as though my skin sighed in relief ....and I awoke with a fresher looking face. After 2 weeks a definite reduction in puffiness and sleep creases was visible on my face. My skin has never felt so loved and I know that the Satin Pillow Case helped { or is it just the Princess in me?}.


- 50ml Pump {which self locks} - great for traveling
- the fresh fragrance
- the quick results achieved
- the texture and lack of greasiness on the skin

I would definitely buy this product again and I give it * * * * *