Below is a list of the 5 most bizarre ingredients used in facials.

1.      Nightingale Excrement
In New York at a popular Shizuka Day Spa  frequented by some of Hollywood’s finest there is a unique treatment called ‘The Geisha Facial’ , so what makes this so unique? Well it is the use of powdered Nightingale excrement in some of the products. Rumored to once only be known by the Geisha’s and Kabuki Actors it is clear how this facial got its name.
Why use this?
Nightingale excrement is high in ureic acid which has a reportedly fantastic ability to give the skin a healthy and radiant glow.
** With followers such as Tom Cruise, Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham

2.      Viper Venom
Beverley Hills based Sonya Dakar has perfected the use of the ingredient called ‘SYN-AKE’

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