I suffer with chronically dry skin on my hands , it came about 4 years ago when I first started making Cold Process soaps. I am not sure what spurred it on but since then the skin on the side of my index fingers has been cracking and actually splits if I pull any type of thread or even tugging at weeds in the garden { yes i know i should wear gloves}.

It's because of this I am always on the eternal search for the ultimate hand cream. I must say a firm favourite will always be L'Occitane's India Hicks Hand Cream in it's gorgeous Vintage Tube. However on a recent trip to Woolworths I spotted some new Hand Creams I had not yet experienced. Even better the product I was eyeing has Argan Oil in it {a trending cosmetic ingredient at the moment}.

I am a lover of foodie type smells so it was no surprise when the Vanilla & Brown Sugar Hand cream won hands down {excuse the pun he he he} and also because I spotted a Lip Balm in the same fragrance I decided to be decadent and take both.

Vanilla & Brown Sugar - hand & nail cream

A light coloured cream with a fairly light weight texture on application. Quick absorbing it disappears into the skin leaving behind a warm sugary fragrance which is pleasant.... but quite sweet and heady. I did find that the hand cream has an almost a filmogenic quality to it. My hands definitely felt coated and hydrated for quite sometime and had a unique sheen to them
 { not sure if this is from the Argan Oil}.

One thing I can say is that this cream has achieved on my hands what very few others have in the past. It has managed to heal about 80% of the cracks on the sides of my index fingers and my cuticles are far softer and that is after only 2 weeks. 

The hand cream comes in a 'foil like' tube of 75ml , with a cute Brown, caramel and Pink label.

Would I buy this product again? Definitely! It is a new addiction purely for the way it has healed my fingers... well done Woolworths!

Vanilla & Brown Sugar Lip Balm

Again I was intrigued by this product because of it's Argan Oil.  Upon application I loved the feel and texture which is very glossy .I soon realized that I recognized this sheen from when I manufactured my own lip balms and as a result I inspected the ingredient listing confirming my suspicions that the lip balm contains Castor Oil , such a fabulous ingredient for lip balms.

Presented in a cute Silver Tin {10g} , I was a little disappointed when opening the product to discover it was only half full. I soon moved passed that little disappointment and enjoyed the look and feel of the product on my lips. A great benefit is that the product is non-addictive thanks to the absence of petroleum based ingredients, another bonus it is not overly scented.

Would I buy this product again? Honestly, no I don't think so. I prefer a lip gloss with some color/pigment and an applicator { I'm not really used to putting my fingers into a product}.

So there you have it... my latest adventure.