Recently I had some time on my hands when accompanying a friend to take her mom to hospital in Cape Town. 
So to pass the time I suggested we visit a few of my favourite cosmetic , make-up and body treat stores..... you know a little retail therapy goes a long way. 

Despite a rather disappointing start to our explorations my spirit lifted the minute we walked into Rain Africa's store at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. The shop assistant soon introduced herself as Nosie {pronounced Nor-sie} , what a  lovely young lady. We chatted about the products and I mentioned that I would like to take a few pictures if she didn't mind to which she quite happily agreed , she asked if I would like anything explained and at this point I had moved over to the Rain Baby ... I had no idea about this range and so she quickly explained that it has become ever increasingly popular ,which is spurring the company to launch a Girls range {in dusky pink}in the nearby future. Currently the range only incorporates blue. They have soft and gentle soaps in the shape of sheep , fabulous wool booties also with the sheep theme and loads of other cute products specifically for babies and their sensitive skins.

At this point I left Nosie to assist others in the busy store despite it being 8.00pm at night.

One of my absolute favorites is Rain Bubbles on Tap ,you can either purchase a container in store or alternatively you can bring along your own container , prices starting at approx R35.00 {in store S.A} with a great variety and selection to tantalize or soften the most weary of muscles.

 So continuing to explore I wanted to show my friends the awesome artisinal handmade soaps that Rain has become well known for. I just love the colorful scrolls, that resemble sweeties in wrappers, with ingredients like Avocado Oil  and Rooibos how can you go wrong.

If you are undecided you can either choose a pre-packed Gift Set or alternatively make up your own ..... sigh........ shopping bliss.

Now if you know me at all you will know I am not really a bath person I prefer to shower {and yes I use Bath Foam as a shower gel , call it creative license}. But when I do bath, I love an exceptional bath time experience........enter Rain's Earth Eggs. These are not just your average bath fizz balls, but rather little orbs of pure joy that bubble and gurgle the most beautifully fragranced oils that soften and soothe your skin...BLISS!

They come with a variety of fabulous petal and plant coverings and are sold individually or in these glorious egg boxes , what a delight so unconventional and cute...... I just love these!

No matter what you do if you are a local South African or from Overseas don't miss this shop with it's truly unique soaps , Earth Eggs , Body Talc with feather applicator and so much more. 

The Rain Africa Company empowers the local community through the manufacture of their products .The products are Natural , Organic and are approved by Beauty without Cruelty ... come on spoil yourself  what are you waiting for?

Did you know that you can order online from anywhere in the world ....

*** Please note this is not a sponsored post , but based on a personal spontaneous shop visit