Why should I use a face mask?

Face masks are formulated to perform a very unique and specific function , whether it be to purify , to hydrate , anti-ageing or just plain refresh , calm and soothe.

Masks usually have some form of clay , collagen and or fruit acids in them to help deep cleanse the skin , slough off rough and dead skin cells or alternatively to brighten the complexion.

Masks are readily available for home use and whether you choose to use a Salon only product {such as Nimue or Clarins which are my personal favourites} OR an off the shelf product {such as The Body Shop which is also a personal favourite} always make sure to cleanse and tone your skin first and be prepared to leave the product on for at least 20 minutes { anything less will be a waste}.

So go on spoil yourself with a fabulous mask, a relaxing cuppa tea and your favourite glossy girls mag for 20 minutes and blame it on me....  :)