Recently I was spoilt by Ju Me Skin Care  when I had some awesome body products delivered to my door. Nicola Muller from Ju Me {the brain behind the brand} sent me a Vanilla Body Wash and Citrus Body Lotion to try out and oh la la ......

Being an luxury green range , it is no surprise that they fall into the category of Vegan and beauty without cruelty and well they are also proudly South African. JuMe are based on vegetal oils and aromatherapy essential oils with their own unique blends so if you are looking for the average artificial vanilla and powdery fragrance this will not be the product for you.

Here is a photo of my products and swatches .... my rendition of a cute collection :)

Vanilla Body Wash

This is definitely not your average Vanilla , with undertones of Patchouli and nourishing oils of Jojoba and Shea this wash is not a high foam variety , it rather has soft gentle bubbles and a light foaming action. The consistency is a thin opaque gel and so with me being a shower freak I found it perfect for my Mass Mousse Net sponge. The vanilla body wash lathers gently and does not strip the skin at all but rather leaves it feeling , clean but soft and comfortable , I was even as adventurous as to wash my hair with the product and found it to work well should i ever need an all in one quick overnight option.

All in all I enjoyed the product I would definitely buy it again and I am still using it despite my mom trying to snatch it. I do however need to emphasize that if you are a caremelly / buttery vanilla addict this is not the product for you.

Citrus Hand & Body Lotion

Again this is a unique blend of Orange,Ylang Ylang, Mint and Rosemary and is quite a strong smell I felt at first for a body lotion. I applied it to my full body one evening { clearly not thinking} and struggled to sleep with the energizing orange and mint oils{it is clearly not just there for fragrance sake}, the next evening when I put my pajamas on again they had this awesome warm and orangy smell. The product itself has a yellow orange colour from the oils and is quite light and runny for a lotion but smoothes over the skin well and leaves a lovely moist layer of Marula , Coconut and Sesame oils.

All in all I enjoyed the product and after using it for a few days actually found my body craving the fragrance first thing in the morning. It is important to note though that you cannot wear a fragrance with this product unless it is along the lines of Clinique's 'HAPPY' which has the same citrus notes.

I really did and am enjoying Ju Me and would encourage you to try them .....


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