In Cape Town we are well into Autumn and heading into winter at a rate of knots and whilst I lavish cream on those bits of skin exposed at a regular interval such as face and hands, I do tend to neglect the hidden and out of sight bits.

So it was quite an adventure when I saw a special offer on the Johnson and Johnson African Nature range , never one to miss a bargain I thought 'aha !' lets give this a try.
 I am passionate about body butters and if you know me you will know how crazy I am about Vanilla and 'foodie' types smells such as chocolate , caramel etc. as a result I have a few of my absolute favorites from The Body Shop , Bath and Body Works, Mr Price Home, Kiehl's and Woolworths, however this does make me far more fussy and discerning when it comes to moisturizing properties , penetration of the product and over all comfort of the skin.

I purchased the  Nourishing Cocoa Butter and Honey Bush Body Cream from Johnson's and Johnson's, package in a generous sized tub with a fun brown African themed design at the bottom of the tub. The products fragrance was pleasant and true to Cocoa Butter, not much Honey Bush coming through at all.
The appearance of the body cream was surprisingly white (as cocoa butter does have a pale yellow color in it's natural form) and upon application thick and buttery as would be expected. Although it meets many of the criteria expected of a body butter I found that this product did not penetrate easily and left a white residue on the skins surface for sometime , this remained the same even when applying straight after a shower.

I also noticed that the product coated the skin rather than nourished the skin as when I showered that evening my skin went slippery in the shower and after washing there was a distinct Oily Residue floating in the shower {sure glad I didn't bath , that would've been unpleasant}.

Overall I don't think it will be on my shopping list again.
I loved the idea though and the price was obviously a bargain.