A product that hit the South African Shores not too long ago called a 'Dry Shampoo' caused much confusion and many a soft whisper when the adverts appeared , a shampoo dry? In a spray can?

Well yes actually , the concept of a dry shampoo is not to replace your conventional shampoo but rather to be used as an 'in between-er' for those days that you just don't have time to wash your hair because you are running late or you may have an event/function to attend with no time to rush home and wash your hair etc.or
your hair just plain needs a quick refresher and so the list goes on....

The concept is based on a super fine powder that comes in a 'spray on' form , the idea behind this is that this powder sinks onto the strands of hair and the scalp that contain excess oil and it actually soaks it up. This excess oil is what usually makes the hair look dirty and by making use of a dry shampoo the oil is quickly blotted up and refreshed no mess , no fuss.

The benefit of making use of a dry shampoo is that you are allowing the natural oils to stay in contact with the scalp and hair for longer which is good for the natural biology of the hair.

Anybody can apply this to their hair whether short , long , curly or straight but please only apply to dry hair and apply sparingly at first until you get used to making use of the product.

In South Africa the first Dry Shampoo launched was by Tre`semme and it is available in all the major retail stores that stock Tre`semme Hair Products.

NEWSFLASH - The latest in these new hair products is CLICKS range of Baptiste Dry Shampoo's that come in fun and funky packaging as well as fabulous and fun fragrances { not all are currently available in South Africa)