Nimue’s super hydrating serum, is presented in a gorgeous luminescent yellow and silver pump dispenser, this product is like a fresh drink of water after a long walk in the dessert. On application is has a distinct hint of citrus which enrobes your skin in pure hydration.

The gel cream consistency ensures that your skin is plump, hydrated and glowing without the added heaviness of an oil based cream. It is important to note that this product has a cumulative action and over time it stores the added moisture from the product application under the surface of the skin for internal hydration (a water reservoir if you will).
I love the fact that after applying the Super Hydrating Serum my skin immediately felt taut and plump. Very evident was the visible results after just a few applications, the fine superficial dehydration lines around my eyes had all but disappeared and diminished.
Advanced Technology
Nimue in known to be a forerunner in cosmetic  technology and the Super Hydrating Serum is no exception, making use on Nanotechnology to deliver the active ingredients....